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App Design (UX / UI) 

Wire-framing in XD, App Development in Figma


Create a hypothetical, niche business and develop a useable app with wire-framing UX & UI design interfaces.​

Proposed App

pear* is a free food delivery service that enables people to gain access to free food.

The business model is based upon perishable food items from local businesses, where users

are able to see items and get them delivered for free. 

Local business are able to list items that are going unused, and report them to pear*, where a delivery service

will then pair customers to food.This is a non-profit organisation funded by the government to support

individuals who experience poverty, malnourishment or are of low socio-economic stature.


Test App

maury (môr′ē)

--adj. overworked, interested, underpaid,

--n. graphic designer, creative designer, photograph editor, web designer, musician

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